Marinda & Solari
Marinda & Solari are their real names. They are not brother & sister, nor are they Brazilian. Marinda likes science & sparse music. Solari likes marmalade and syncopation. Marinda dislikes airplanes & buses. Solari dislikes automated services. Their musical style owes a lot to a lot. If you ask them to define it, they will tell you to decide for yourself. These are the facts: Their voices are an octave apart. Hers is smooth, his is rough. Solari plays a Spanish guitar, he can’t read music. The duo have gotten grants to record albums & work with other musicians who’ve studied in academies.
Although it’s expensive and doesn’t make anyone any money, this year they’re making an EP called Another Country. They may or may not tour this record under a label, but they will go on tour. Marinda hopes that when they do, her plants don’t die. Solari hopes that Marinda doesn’t bring as many clothes as last time. Solari is looking forward to eating more German bread. Marinda is looking forward to eating more French & Swiss cheeses.
Despite the low wages Marinda & Solari find music to be of value.
Marinda & Solari
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